Cyclone Yasi wreaks havoc Down Under

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Melbourne, Feb 3: Tropical Cyclone Yasi jolted Australia's northeastern region, causing moderate damage and no deaths or fatal injures, reports said. Yasi ripped through Queensland coast, which is already reeling in floods, early on Thursday, Feb 3, whipping up winds of 180mph and waves of up to 30ft.

Yasi listed as category five monster cyclone struck the region, where an estimated 40,000 people live in. However, luck coupled with good disaster management planning saved the lives of thousand of people. Australia's Bureau of Meteorology listed Yasi to be twice as large as 2006's devastating Cyclone Larry. Following timely announcement thousands of frightened residents fled the area.

Over the corresponding period last year, Australia is observing the worst fury of natural calamity. The torrential heavy rains caused the river to spill over and crossed the record water level. According to sources, the Queensland flood has caused devastation at a much bigger magnitude in terms of area than France and Germany put together.

The monster cyclone, which hit at 2:00 am GMT, created landfall at the smaller coastal communities of Mission Beach, Cardwell and Tully. Luckily, it spared heavily populated centres of Cairns and Townsville.

Queensland emergency services minister Neil Roberts said, “The damage at the cyclone's ground zero was extensive, with hundreds of properties destroyed and hundreds more uninhabitable. The area was also under threat from flood from large storm surges in the wake of the cyclone."

"People have listened to the advice and taken appropriate actions to relocate. The potential was there, for significant loss of life, this was the worst cyclone this country has experienced for 100 years," he added.

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