Yeddyurappa sleeping naked to ward off evil force?

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BS Yeddyurappa
Bangalore, Feb 2: Politics is the cup of tea for the meek and frail-hearted, a fact proven time and time again by Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa who is undergoing weird rituals to ward off the ill-effects of black magic. Sources claim that Yeddyurappa has been asked to sleep naked on the floor for three nights and do 12 surya namaskars in a river also in the nude. The advice was given to him by astrologers who wants to alter his celestial fate and protect him from dark forces.

Yeddyurappa has become paranoid with his belief that dark forces are conspiring against him to throw him out of power. A worried man, Yeddyurappa has claimed recently that certain people (read Opposition) are resorting to black magic to eliminate him. "There is a conspiracy to eliminate me through black magic. The same people who unsuccessfully tried to unseat me through black magic are conspiring again to end my life," he was quoted as saying.

Yeddyurappa is virtually wearing a crown of thorns with multiple scams and controversies haunting him. From the land scam to the very public spat between Yeddyurappa and Governor HR Bharadwaj was media fodder for quite some time now. With opposition parties sharpening their claws to unseat him from power inspite of his sound performance in the zilla/taluk elections in Karnataka, Yeddyurappa now has to fight unknown forces for survival.

The chief minister is turning no stone unturned to appease the gods by organizing various poojas and rituals as well. The CM's family priest, Bhanuprakash Sharma said, “I have advised him to perform the sahasra chandika yajna at Chamundeswary Temple in Mysore and laksha modaka Ganapathi homa (offering 1 lakh modaks to Ganesha). Unlike in the past, and given the current situation, I told him to restrict his visits within the state."

Could this be the reason why Yeddyurappa did not attend the Chief Ministers Internal Security Meet in Delhi yesterday since he feared for his life, according to his own submission. Siddaramiah, Opposition leader mocked the CM's paranoid ways and said, "It's a shame that he is plunging the state in darkness with his beliefs."

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