RJD defends its MLA, demands independent and fair inquiry

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Patna, Feb 1 (PTI) Strongly defending its senior MLASurendra Yadav, accused of being involved in a clash withjunior doctors in Gaya in which three of them were injured,RJD today demanded an ''independent and fair'' inquiry into itbefore taking legal action against the MLA.

"Yadav who has been charged with involvement in Sunday''sincident in Gaya is innocent ... The government must order anindependent and impartial inquiry into the incident beforetaking legal action against the MLA," state RJD presidentRamchandra Purve and general secretaries Ramkripal Yadav, MP,and Shakeel Ahmed Khan said at a joint press conference.

Purve said the MLA had gone to Anugraha Narayan MedicalCollege and Hospital in Gaya on Sunday evening followingrequest by locals as the doctors had refused to performcaeserean operation on a dalit woman.

As the baby died after the operation, the woman''shusband quarrelled with the junior doctors in the presence ofYadav who had remained silent all through.

The medicos clashed with the man and also attacked theMLA and his bodyguards when they opposed. "The bodyguards hadto fire in self-defence."

"The medicos did not even adhere to medical ethics andpolice administration is working under pressure from them tobook the RJD MLA in the incident," Purve said.

"All the five cases registered against the juniordoctors by the locals and the MLA himself, besides the oneagainst the MLA and his bodyguards need to be thoroughlyprobed before taking action against the the RJD legislator."

It was not appropriate to order the arrest of SurendraYadav without holding a thorough inquiry, he added.

"It is thoroughly unfair and vindictive to order thearrest of the MLA," Yadav, a Rajya Sabha MP, said.

Alleging that several medicos were indulging in''unlawful activities'', wondered why the administration had sofar failed to act against the junior doctors in Gaya thoughfive cases have been lodged against them.

The state government, he said, had failed to take legalaction against junior doctors though guardians of patients hadlodged 28 complaints against them during the past five yearsfor indulging in unlawful behaviour and picking up quarrelwith attendants of the patients.

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