Move to ban Endosulfan attempt to benefit Euro industry: PMFAI

Posted By: Pti
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Mumbai, Feb 1 (PTI) The Pesticide Manufacturers andFormulators Association of India (PMFAI) today alleged thatthe move by the European Union to push for a global ban on theinsecticide Endosulfan was intended to benefit the EuropeanCrop Protection Industry.

"Europe is a leader in the international chemicals tradewhich includes crop protection chemicals. This has been themotivation for European multinationals to replace low pricedgenerics with their expensive patented alternatives. The movefor banning Endosulfan, which is a generic product, is anattempt to benefit the European Crop Protection Industry,"PMFAI President, Pradip Dave, told reporters here today.

Endosulfan is the third largest selling insecticideworldwide and accounts for a global market in excess of40-million litres valued at over USD 300-million.

"The global crop protection market is valued at USD40-billion and top three companies dominating this businessare all European and account for over 50 per cent of theglobal market. This market share has been built with a strongfocus on patented and propriety crop protection chemicalssupported by strong regulations, driven by the Europeanstandards," he said.

The EU has been pushing for a global ban on Endosulfan byproposing its inclusion in the Stockholm Convention as aPersistent Organic Pollutant (POP). (More) PTI PSK VKV

"Aggressive campaigning by the EU and environmental NGOs'' supported and funded by the EU has resulted in a number ofcountries announcing a ban on the insecticide," InternationalStewardship Centre Executive Director, Charles Hanson, said.

Endosulfan is in the eye of storm in the battle ofpatented versus generic pesticide, Dave said.

"Indian companies account for over 70 per cent of thismarket which has come at the cost of the Europeanmanufacturers. The replacement value of Endosulfan by patentedalternative is estimated to be in excess of USD 1-billion. Asa result, the insecticide is today in the eye of the storm inthe battle of patented versus generic pesticides," Dave added.

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