Parliament, forum for dialogue on critical key issues: PM

Written by: Pti
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New Delhi, Jan 31 (PTI) Amid government''s efforts to endthe logjam in Parliament over the JPC demand on the 2G scam,Prime Minister Manmohan Singh today admitted that "things arenot what they ought to be" and asked MPs not to forget thatParliament is the primary forum for dialogue.

"Parliament is a primary forum for discussion, dialogue,legislation and I don''t think anybody would deny that thingsare not what they ought to be", Singh said while releasing''Central Hall'' a magazine of the Parliamentarians.

He asserted that MPs should not forget that Parliamentis a forum for dialogue on key issues of the country.

"Therefore, all of us have a responsiblity to exploreways and means of ensuring that the primacy of Parliament asthe primary legislative forum of our country, as a forum fordialogue on critical key issues of contemporary polity,society and economy, that these functions of Parliament, arenot forgotten", Singh said.

Singh''s remarks assumes significance as Finance MinsiterPranab Mukherjee has invited the opposition for talks onFebruary 8 to defuse the tension over the JPC issue and ensurefunctioning of Parliament during the Budget Session startingFebruary 21. The winter session of Parliament was a wash outwith the opposition unrelenting on the JPC demand.

"... And, therefore, I believe, apart from these, thereare other issues which are engaging the public attention, theissue of electoral reforms, the manner in which politicalparties are funded, the issues that agitate people with regardto the effectiveness or lack of effectiveness of affirmativeaction, which is a hallmark of Indian Constitution", he added.

He said he was hopeful that the in-house magazine of theConstitution Club would provide an opportunity to discuss anddebate vital issues concerning national polity.

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