Modi accuses CBI of castigating Gujarat''s law &order situation

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New Delhi, Feb 1 (PTI) Gujarat Chief Minister NarendraModi today accused the CBI of "castigating" the state''s lawand order situation and "despising" elected members and thestate government.

Modi said reduction in incidence of crime as well asbetter law and order and communal situation in the statesuggested overall peaceful and congenial atmosphere. He saidsuch facts could be ascertained from the National Crime RecordBureau reports.

"However, as reported in the media, organisations likethe CBI have been castigating the state''s law and ordersituation, making observation about highly communalisedatmosphere and despising democratically elected members andstate government," he said in his address at the internalsecurity conference of chief ministers here.

Modi said Gujarat is being "targeted" and "singled out"which does not augur well for the federal structure ofgovernance.

On the issue of police reforms, the Chief Minister saidthe Supreme Court order in Prakash Singh Vs Union of Indiawould lead to "creation of new power centres" in the forms ofSecurity Commission and Police Complaints Authority which maybecome difficult to be handled even by the judiciary.

He said police administration and law order were statesubjects under the Constitution and that state legislatureswere competent to make appropriate laws in this regard. Modisaid model acts circulated by the Centre were welcome forensuring uniform policies across the country.

"However, in our constitutional frame work where federalstructure has been adopted and separation of power is hallmarkof a vibrant governance system in a democracy, directions asgiven in aforesaid order of the Honourable Supreme Courtwill upset the scheme of governance and policeadministration," he said.

Modi asked the Centre to urge the apex court to allowstates to enact appropriate laws.

He also lamented the Centre''s "poor response" tosuggestions made during previous Chief Ministers'' conferenceson internal security.

"I am constrained to mention that even after lot ofdeliberation held in this august body every year, policyissues discussed in earlier conferences are not beingaddressed meaningfully and effectively," Modi said.

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