Victims victimized in sham-university in US

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Indian students
New Delhi, Jan 31: The radio-tagging of students of Tri-Valley University, referred to as the “sham university" has angered and hurt the sentiments of parents and others. The Indian government has decided to take the matter up in the seriousness it deserves. The massive immigration fraud has become a contentious issue dogging Indian authorities.

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While the US claims that tagging is legal and that the intention in doing so was not an intentional act to shame Indian students, Indian authorities have rubbished the haphazard attitude of US personnel calling it an “inhuman act". “We demand that the US government initiate severe action against those officials responsible for this inhuman act," SM Krishna, External Affairs Minister has been quoted as saying.

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A large number of students face an uncertain future over the apparent immigration fraud and charges of defraud, misuse of visa permits and money laundering levied against them. While the students are crying foul and claim that they are being dragged into the controversy when the real culprits are the university officials, the number of students are in a virtual deadlock.

SM Krishna also said in no uncertain terms, “Legitimate students wanting to return to India should be able to voluntarily do so and those wanting to stay back and study in the US, should be helped to get transferred to other universities."

The university's blatant flouting of the rules have led to outcry among Indian authorities and the parents of the victims. "We have asked the US to give us information as and when the investigations unfold. We make special request to the US that strict action should be taken against the organizers of such dubious institutes," Krishna added. The parents and the kin of the students have however lambasted the efforts of the government and say that they haven't been pro-active in their approach to resolve the problem.

The issue has also led to questions being raised on how Indians get mesmerized by the American dream and don't do adequate background check on such dubious universities that only 'promise' dreams but delivering them remains a 'distant dream'.

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