Raids continue; Lamas back 'Chinese spy' Karmapa

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Karmapa Lama
Dharamsala, Jan 30: The controversy regarding Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje in an alleged hawala scam, could not abridge his popularity among the other Lamas from different monasteries.

Thousands of visitors from different monasteries and followers of Karmapa gathered at Gyuto Monastery near Dharamsala to show their support to the "next possible Tibetan spiritual leader."

Indian govt looking into Karmapa's karma

Sources said that Karmapa, surrounded by security guards, met his followers and blessed them as he always devote Wednesday and Saturday for his followers.

Police and investigative agency raised doubt that the 17th Karmapa is a "Chinese spy" as Himachal Pradesh police, during a raid, seized almost Rs 6.50 crore worth foreign currency belonging to at least 23 countries from his residence.

Dalai Lama's successor a Chinese agent in India?

Karmapa and his secretary have been quizzed over the involvement in the hawala scam and the police of the state continued to raid other business people of the region regarding the issue.

Police also raided the residence of Dharamsala-based businessman KC Bharadwaj but nothing incriminating was found.

However, Karmapa Ugyen Trinley Dorje, according police sources, was not quizzed but only asked about the source of the money.

But he (Karmapa) said that he was not aware of it, sources added.

His (Karmapa's) spokesperson asserted that it was money received through offerings and donations and not illegal money.

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