Pledge to wear Khadi and observe cleanliness as homage to

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Mahatma: Modi

Ahmedabad, Jan 30 (PTI) Pledge to make cleanlinessmotto of life and wear Khadi, to pay homage to the Father ofthe Nation Mahatma Gandhi on Martyrs Day, his 63rd deathanniversary, said Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi on hisofficial blog today.

"To Gandhiji, after God, cleanliness was a supremevirtue. He persistently supported it and worked for the purityof humanity as well as the cleanliness in society," he said.

"We may also make cleanliness our Life Mantra. Eventhe poorest would pay a rich homage to Bapu by makingcleanliness an integral part of their lives," he added.

Modi said that khadi for Gandhiji was not only clothbut a movement towards self-reliance.

"It might not be possible for each of us to be acomplete Khadi follower but if not all, we must try to have atleast one Khadi garment out of 10 in our wardrobe and we canwear these chosen ones on special occasions," the CM said.

"Come, on this Martyrs Day, let''s pledge forrestraining on the use of resources, maintaining hygiene andwearing Khadi. And this would be our greatest homage to Bapu,"Modi wrote on the blog.

Modi said that smallest incidents of Gandhiji''s lifecould provide solutions to combat the worst of troubles thatstand before humanity today. He gave example of Global warmingand said using Gandhiji''s principle of restrained use ofnatural resources, one could contain the problem.

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