New Year spam text message triggered 'Black Widow' suicide bomber explosives early

Written by: Ani
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Moscow, Jan 30 (ANI): A 'Black Widow' suicide bomber, who intended to detonate her explosives in central Moscow, was killed immediately after a spam text message from her mobile phone company triggered the device early.

The Daily Mail quoted security sources as saying that she had intended to detonate the explosives in a busy square on New Year's Eve, but the spam message wishing her a happy New Year caused it to go off earlier than planned.

The blast killed her at a safe house in Moscow, but no one else succumbed to it. he was reportedly accompanied by two other bombers when the device exploded, but both survived and were seen fleeing the scene.

According to Russian security sources, the phones are usually kept in a switched odd mode until the last minute, they switched it on early.

The woman's handler has been named as Zeinat Suyunova, 24. Her husband is believed to be in prison for being a member of a radical Islamist terror group, the paper said. (ANI)

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