Mubarak's wrath on Al Jazeera; Egypt in black hole

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Fire in a building
Cairo, Jan 30: After witnessing the six-day long protest all around the nation, President of Egypt, Hosni Mubarak showed its wrath on the television channel Al Jazeera by shutting down its service in Egypt from Sunday, Jan 30.

Mubarak government ordered to withdraw the channel's license to broadcast from the country, and the government also issued order to shut down its bureau office in Cairo.

Following the protest, government has already banned several sites in Internet. To mar the communication system in the country, the government also blocked mobile servers. Sources reported that after blocking social networking site Twitter, now the government is behind Facebook.

On the other side, protesters continue their pro-democracy agitation against the government with the demand of withdrawal of Mubarak.

The agitation turned to a more violent protest as the police withdrew from the major cities and the military did nothing to hold back tens of thousands of demonstrators defying a curfew.

The country seem to be into a black hole where it confronted with a law and order situation amid disrupted communication system.

India along with US and other nations vowed to safe their citizens who have been stranded in the chaos in Egypt.

Different nations urged their civilians to avoid journey to Egypt and already received different measures to airlift their own citizens from helter-skelter Egypt.

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