IAS officer pens work of fiction

Written by: Pti
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Geetanjali Atri

New Delhi, Jan 30 (PTI) With his maiden book, "Pyramid ofVirgin Dreams", author and Secretary of Gujarat Tourism VipulMittra is the latest addition to the list of Indianbureaucrats turning writers.

The witty and circumstantial accounts of the protagonistof his fiction book, published by Rupa, the author sayspresents a glimpse into the world of hierarchies, promotions,fawning subordinates and vacuous privileges that accompanygrowing status.

"The idea for the story had always been there in my mindbut due to my other commitments, I just did not find time topen it down. Probably, that is why it took me 10 years tocomplete this book," says Mittra, who has also been theDirector, Tribal Development in Gujarat Government in thepast.

Inspired by the personal experiences of the author''s lifealong with his precise observation of the people, events andsituations around him, the book is divided in ten chaptersthat not only portray unfulfilled desires of the protagonistbut also the imposed ones.

"In each chapter of my book, the readers would beintroduced to a pendulum that moves between dreams andreality," says a candid Mittra, keeping his fingers crossedfor the success of his first venture as a writer.

With the use of metaphors and similes to deliver theaccount of the unfulfilled ambitions that primarily revolvearound the lady love of the protagonist, is a fresh way ofstory-telling, claims the author who has also been a DeputySecretary in the Government of Gujarat.

Set against the backdrop of mundane circuit houses,government-allotted residences and dull offices, the authorcomically narrates how the bureaucracy has the enigmaticcapacity to draw the protagonist into its vortex and have himconveniently entangled in it.

"Though it has an angle of bureaucracy attached to it,but readers from all age bars and walks of life can relate toit as all of them would have some unfulfilled dreams. My bookwould touch all such hearts," says the author, a very-easygoing person who claims not to take anything in life veryseriously, including himself.

Asserting that writing non-fiction is a difficult taskthat includes a lot of research work and lesser creativity,Mittra says writing his creativity alive. "Writing keeps thepassion alive in an individual and does not let the enthusiasmdie due to the busy schedules," said Mittra adding thatwriting a whole novel is a back-breaking task.

Describing the modern style of fiction writing as ''pulp'',the author says "Pyramid of Virgin Dreams" is rather a thoughtprovoking book. "It is a thought provoking account of theregular happenings around us in a simplified languagedecorated with humour." PTI GTA ANS

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