Indian 'Adarsh' Babus face CBI raids, FIR

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Mumbai, Jan 30: Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) for the first time on Jan 29 filed FIR against 13 people regarding Adarsh housing scam. Former Maharashtra CM Ashok Chavan is one of the prominent names among the persons. Now, CBI, regarding the same housing row, initiated raids at several persons' residences and offices all around the nation on Jan 30.

Including Adarsh society office in Mumbai, CBI conducted raids in four cities across the country - Patna, Nagpur, Pune and Mumbai.

What is Adarsh Housing Scam?

Promoters MM Wangchu, Kanhaiyalal Gidwani and RC Thakur faced CBI's sudden wrath on the Sunday morning. 2 flats and one office of Kanhaiyalal Gidwani and 3 houses of RC Thakur in Thane, Nagpur and Bihar were raided.

CBI's senior official stated, "Searches are being conducted at Thakur's residences in Bihar, Nagpur and Thane and Wanchoo's house in Pune and Gidwani's house in Mumbai. Searches are also being conducted at the office of Adarsh society."

According the sources, the tainted promoters are accused of seizing land not belonging to them and illegally grabbing it.

The list of names of Indian babus against whom CBI filed FIR:

  • Ashok Chavan
  • MM Wangchu
  • Kanhaiyalal Gidwani
  • RC Thakur
  • Lt General P K Rampal
  • Major Generals A R Kumar
  • T K Kaul
  • Former principal secretary (Urban Development) Ramanand Tiwariwho (recently suspended by Maharashtra government as Information Commissioner)
  • Subash Lala (the then Principal Secretary to the CM)
  • Retired Brigadier R C Sharma

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