11th Plan to miss investment target of Rs 14.32 lkh cr

Written by: Pti
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New Delhi, Jan 30 (PTI) The Eleventh Plan investmenttarget of Rs 14.32 lakh crore is unlikely to be met, as thegovernment would need to increase the Gross Budgetary Support(GBS) by 42 per cent in 2011-12 -- the terminal year of theplan -- and that won''t be possible.

"Gross budgetary support to the plan needs to be raisedby 42 per cent in 2011-12, if the government intends to meet11th plan (2007-12) target of Rs 14,31,711 crore at constantprices", a source in the Commission said.

Besides, sources pointed out that as the centralassistance to State plans has already exceeded the projection,the GBS for central plan will have to be increased by 67 percent (in 2011-12) to meet the overall targets.

GBS is the financial assistance provided through theUnion Budget for the social sector and other developmentschemes of the centre as well as the states.

Pointing out that such hike in outlay was not possiblefor the government, sources said, priority this year would beto continue funding ongoing social sector programmes.

The Commission has already brought to Prime Minister�snotice the factual position to ensure that no big ticketprogrammes were taken up in the terminal year of the plan.

In view of the constraints, it is unlikely that effortswould be made to expedite the introduction of food securityand other big ticket programmes involving the UniqueIdentification Authority of India (UIDAI) and NationalKnowledge Network programme.

The focus is likely to be on the ongoing schemes,especially in the sectors of education and health which areintegral part of UPA Government�s flagship programmes.

Indications are that these two Ministries would get 20-25 percent increase.

No major increase is expected in the rural development assurplus funds are already parked with the states for theimplementation of these programmes and the Budget may commitadditional funds as and when required.

Sources said as the Commission is confident that ruralconnectivity is helping in improving agricultural growth, thebudget may see a substantive increase in PMGSY and IntegratedWatershed Development programme.

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