Mubarak plays his cards safe, asks govt to quit

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Hosni Mubarak
Cairo, Jan 29: Egypt President Hosni Mubarak acknowledged his citizens' discontentment and asked his government to resign on Saturday, Jan 29. This comes after the severe protest in the country. But Mubarak did not said that he himself will step down.

Mubarak's statement said, "I asked the government to resign today and I will commission a new government to take over tomorrow."

On Friday, the protestors attacked number of police stations, looted weapons and turned on police. The nation's security force had been largely attacked and police vehicles were torched by protestors.

US President Barack Obama after speaking with his counterpart Mubarak said, "when President Mubarak addressed the Egyptian people tonight, he pledged a better democracy and greater economic opportunity."

Obama in a televised appearance said, "I just spoke to him after his speech and told him he has a responsibility to give meaning to those words, to take concrete steps and actions that deliver on that promise. Violence will not address the grievances of the Egyptian people. Suppressing ideas never succeeds in making them go away."

In this anti-government rallies, less than four days, over 27 people has been killed, beside injuring hundreds and also left thousands in detention.

Mubarak is one among the long served leaders in the world. The 82-year-old President took power in Egypt three decades ago.

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