Forget plastic money, swipe your iPhone to shop

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London, Jan 28: If you thought that iPhone was only for the tech-savvy with features to flaunt like playing music, sending high-quality pictures, surfing the web etc....., then thing again. The humble iPhone can also help you in your shopping.

Now you can swipe your iPhone in that luxury store instead of your credit card and give that shopping experience of yours a new tech-savviness. A joint partnership between Barclay card and the UK's biggest mobile phone network, Everything Everywhere, which includes Orange and T-mobile, have signed a partnership to bring the system to 40,000 tills.

“This is the beginning of a revolution in how we pay for things. It"s a cultural shift that is as important as the launch of the personal credit card or cash machines," the Daily Mail quoted Chief development officer for Everything Everywhere, Gerry McQuade, as saying.

He added, “We"re making something that"s been talked about for many years a reality and, very soon, using your mobile to buy a sandwich, a cinema ticket or, in time, even something bigger like a computer will simply be the norm."

The operations is pretty basic where a a tiny chip and an antenna installed in the phone, which ties the handset to the owner and their credit card or bank account. The antennae sends a radio signal to a till scanner which recognizes the handset, authorizes the payment and then deducts the money from the owner's account.

The drawbacks of this innovation could be security issues. But Orange representatives are confident that the system is secure and reiterated that customers would be able to use a single contact number to cancel their phone and ''mobile wallet'', meaning no transactions could be carried out.

Chief executive of Barclaycard Consumer Europe, David Chan, insisted the new regime is secure. “I believe that future generations will find it surprising that early this century we were still carrying separate items to buy goods and to communicate with each other," he said.

“As payment experts, our role is to make it easier, more convenient and incredibly secure for people to make purchases and manage their money while on the move."

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