BJP seeks unconditional apology from UPA on the flag issue

Written by: Pti
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Bangalore, Jan 25 (PTI) BJP today demanded "unconditionalapology" from the UPA government for its attempts to stop the''Tiranga yatra'' and termed its actions as "atrocious, heinousand undemocratic".

Senior party leader M Venkaiah Naidu said the yatra wouldcontinue, adding, some BJP workers have already reached Jammuand others are trying to be there.

On stopping Arun Jaitley, Sushma Swaraj and Ananth Kumarin Jammu yesterday, Naidu termed it as "atrocious,unconstitutional and anti-national on the part of Governmentof India and the (Jammu and) Kashmir government to stop thepeople from hoisting the national flag".

"Is it a sin to hoist a national flag on a place which isnot even disputed and which is part of India," he asked.

"Instead of stopping the separatists, Pakistani agents,ISI agents and terrorists, the Government of India has chosento stop the Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha, Leader ofOpposition in Rajya Sabha and also patriotic youngsters whowant to take up the challenge of separatists and hoist anational flag at Lal Chowk in Srinagar," Naidu said.

He said the UPA should unconditionally apologise to thenation for the "heinous thing they have committed by stoppingthe yatra and arresting the leaders".

Naidu said the Central Government is indulging in"undemocratic acts", pointing to stopping of trains indifferent parts of the country carrying people going forflag-hoisting in Srinagar.

"Is Kashmir a prohibited area ?", he asked. "I want toask what kind of signals you are sending ? You are sendingwrong signals and your actions will embolden separatists", hesaid.

Naidu said some six-seven months ago, "they (theseparatists) were waving Pakistani flags. "If you (UPAgovernment) have guts, you should take action against them.

You should put Yasin Malik (Hurriyat leader) under arrest,into the jail".

"And you want to arrest the nationalist leaders andopposition leaders ? Government will pay a heavy price forthis, and they will face the wrath of the people", he added.

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