Pro-talk ULFA faction slams Paresh Barua

Written by: Ani
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Imphal, Jan 24 (ANI): The pro-talks faction of the militant United Liberation Front of Asom (ULFA) has condemned a video released by the anti-talks faction of the outfit.

On Friday, Paresh Barua, the self-styled Commander in Chief, who also leads the ULFA faction against peace talks, was shown in a video with heavily armed cadres bearing powerful weapons celebrating the Bihu festival.

The video showed Baruah dancing with the militants, who were chanting slogans against the talks.

Speaking to mediapersons, Jiten Dutta, Secretary of the Pro-Talks faction, said the video was released to hide the truth that the outfit is internally weak.

"A rebel outfit does not need to demonstrate their strength by showcasing the footage of their display of power. Paresh Barua is totally a weak person. Though they are not strong anymore but this way they were trying to showcase their strength. By showing this footage, they are trying to tell people that they are still strong, they have these many cadres, weapons," said Dutta.

Dutta further said ULFA chief released the video to pressurize the people of the state to not go in for talks.

"It's not to scare us; it's to pressurize the executives who are taking the positions. It's to say that whatever is my decision, don't go against it. Whatever decision I am taking, it is beneficial for you to carry out my orders. It is to press the people to follow their orders," Dutta added.

On the influx problem in the state, the ULFA pro-talks leaders said Baruah was not aware of the latest situation in the state.

"Staying outside the country, Baruah doesn't know that more than 11 districts of Assam have to bear the illegal migrant population," said Dutta.

He added that they would follow what the central executive leaders decide and tell them to do for the peace process. (ANI)

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