Police nabs lewd chatter with help of Facebook

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Monroeville, Jan 24: The Social networking website not only help the people to stay connected with their loved ones, but even helps the police department to nab offenders. A man accused of sending number of lewd text messages to young women and others in northwest Ohio, was arrested by police with the help of Facebook site.

The accused name Jason Paul Starkey, was arrested on charges of telecommunications harassment, impersonating a police officer and resisting arrest, sources said

“We had received complaints about Starkey for weeks, but jurisdiction and other issues delayed the arrest," said chief interim officer James Bond.

"We had no way of knowing who he was texting. We were getting a call here and there, but once it was on the social network sites, we started getting a lot of calls from people reporting similar conversations," Bond said.

Two men Rob Ballma and Paul Shaffer from Bellevue, received a sexual oriented message last week. Hence, this both of them began to portray as a teenage girl, with the suspected sender and lured him by suggestive chat.

Later, they arranged to meet Starkey at a gas station in Monroeville, the accused who believed in them arrived at the site.

Ballma said, “we called out Starkey's name and asked if he was trying to solicit young girls. Starkey fumbled with his phone and became enraged."

Police said that the accused randomly dialed number and initiated suggestive conversation who ever responded.

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