Sikh MP's fury over Canadian political party's parliamentary ban on kirpans demand

Written by: Ani
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Montreal, Jan 20(ANI): The Bloc Quebecois (BQ), a federal political party in Canada, has sought a parliamentary ban on the kirpan after four Sikhs, who refused to surrender their ceremonial daggers, were denied entry to the Quebec National Assembly.

Kirpans are religious objects that are routinely carried by MPs such as Navdeep Bains.

"The Quebec decision is well-founded and maybe it's time for Parliament to adopt similar rules," the Globe and Mail quoted Claude DeBellefeuille, a BQ Member of Parliament, as saying in a statement.

She said that MPs need to establish why the kirpan is not considered a weapon like any other metal knife.

"It has to be analysed from the point of view of security. We need adequate security measures," DeBellefeuille said.

Navdeep Bains, the Liberal MP for Mississauga-Brampton South, has been wearing one in the House of Commons for over six years since he was elected in 2004.

He said that he was "frustrated" by the attitude of the BQ leaders, and urged their leaders to show more leadership.

"They're trying to plant the seeds of confusion and distrust in people, to divide one Canadian against the other," Bains said.

The Supreme Court had earlier in 2006 ruled that devout Sikhs must be allowed to carry kirpan.

The apex court had also ruled that the kirpan is to be allowed in schools as long as it is small and worn inside clothing. (ANI)

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