Making 3-D face from 2D photo for security applications, forensics

Written by: Ani
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Washington, Jan 20 (ANI): Scientists have found that it is possible to construct a three-dimensional face from flat 2D images.

The discovery could be used for biometrics in security applications or in forensic investigations.

Biometrics is the technology of performing personal identification or authentication via an individual's physical attributes

Xin Guan and Hanqi Zhuang of Florida Atlantic University on Boca Raton explain how Biometrics is becoming an increasingly viable solution for identity management, information protection and homeland security.

They have developed a computer algorithm that can analyze the viewing angle and illumination of a face in an image and generate a 3D view of the face based on the results.

A 3D image of a person's face might be used in biometrics alongside or instead of fingerprint, iris, face, voice and DNA, recognition techniques for so-called identity management and in security, coupled with smart cards and passwords computer recognition of a real face based on a 3D version of known personnel in a security database could be used to reduce false identification.

The same technique might also be applied to analysis of security footage from CCTV cameras in crime investigation or in searching for missing persons.

Ultimately, the same technology might also be adapted by the entertainment industry where 2D images of famous people from the past might be rendered in 3D and so allow a face to be animated

The study result has been published in the International Journal of Biometrics this month. (ANI)

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