Make India corruption-free, Kalam tells youth

Written by: Pti
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Amravati, Jan 19 (PTI) Former President A P J AbdulKalam today asked the youth to work towards making India acorruption-free country.

"India wants young people of ethics, youths of ethics.

That will bring beauty in character and harmony in homes. Wemust have a corruption-free nation, but corruption begins fromhome. If children decide that their family will be free fromcorruption, India will greatly recover," he said.

"Use the bond of love that you share with your fatherto make your home corruption-free and take an oath that todayonwards I will work as corruption-free brigade at my home,"the eminent scientist said at a gathering of youths atJawaharlal Nehru Stadium here in Eastern Maharashtra.

BJP President Nitin Gadkari was prominent among thosepresent on the occasion.

"We should be proud of our role models, butunfortunately, we don''t have such role models. Nation isbigger than any party, any system. So, nation should win. Ifnation wins, you''ll win," said Kalam.

The former President said there is anguish among everysection of the society, including students. Everyone isworried about deteriorating democratic and societal values.

"We all need to fight a hard battle to improve thethings. Our politics needs to undergo a chemotherapy. Theignited mind of the youth is the most powerful resource on theearth, under the earth and above the earth. Knowledge willempower you to undertake great missions."

Kalam said everyone of us should think about what Ican give to make India developed in 2020. (more) PTI CORRSY

Kalam administered an oath to students about having a goal, working with integrity, teaching at least five peopleand working to protect and enhance dignity of human life.

Gadkari, in his speech, said people, especially youth,should take inspiration from Kalam. "Only dreams are notsufficient. Youths should have awareness to achieve success."

The former President was in Amravati in Vidarbharegion for a day and attended four functions.

Speaking at Techelons-2011, a national-level technicalfestival for students, he advised engineering and technologystudents to build capacities to empower the nation throughtechnology and innovation.

"Every youth wants to be unique. You have to fight thehardest battle and not to stop until you arrive at your goal.

You must have an aim in life, acquire knowledge through greatbooks, work hard, sweat a lot and be the captain of theproblems. And then you will become unique."

The noted scientist said India needs moreentrepreneurs than job-seekers. "I visited a village inPunjab, where I met farmers who have successfully increasedthe production of seed cotton. This was achieved through aproductive partnership among farmers, agricultural scientists,textile industry and the Government."

At another function, Kalam said engineers andtechnologists of Vidarbha should become the champions ofintegrated development of the backward region.

Advocating PURA (Providing Urban Amenities in RuralAreas) for improving infrastructure, he said Vidarbha shouldhave 20 PURA complexes. PURA provides physical, electronic andknowledge connectivity leading to economic development ofvillages. (more) PTI CORRSY

One of the key issues in Vidarbha is the availability of water. Though, the region gets around 600 to 800 millimetreof monsoon rain, the region does not have adequate provisionto contain the water in villages, Kalam said.

A coordinated action is needed to de-silt andoperationalise all the water bodies of Vidarbha, he said,adding "simultaneously, action is also required to createsmall check-dams and additional water bodies in villages."

Addressing another gathering of students atVidyabharati College here, Kalam said, "students should dreambig, but dreams should be coupled with actual action."

Amravati has given birth to many freedom fighters,social workers, leaders and scientists who worked for theprogress of the nation. Students must aim to achieve successin whatever field they select, he said.

The former President appealed to the students tobecome good human beings and acquire knowledge. "There isno option to knowledge. Students should become knowledgeable,meritorious and develop their character." PTI CORRSY

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"When there is righteousness in heart, there is beautyin character. When there is beauty in character, there''sharmony in home, when there is harmony at home, there will beorder in nation," Kalam said.

He was addressing a programme organised at Sant GadgeBaba Amravati University here.

Kalam also spoke with Collectors, district heads ofdifferent departments in Amravati division as well as theteachers.

"District Collectors are the last mile forimplementation of schemes and they are the link betweengovernment and public. They are attached to the problems ofthe district. They should step forward with integrity anddetermination to develop." PTI COR

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