Ticket check drive by NWR at Jaipur, Rs 63114 recovered

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Jaipur, Jan 18 (PTI) More than Rs 60,000 was collected asfine from passengers travelling without tickets and carryingexcess unbooked luggage during a ticket checking drive in 15trains conducted by railway authorities here.

The trains which were checked by North Western Railwayofficials here yesterday include new Bhuj-Bareli, Alaa HazratExpress, Barmer-Guwahati Express, Jaipur-Bandra TerminusAravali Express, Agra Fort-Ajmer Intercity, Jodhpur-IndoreRanthambore Express, Bikaner-Jaipur Intercity andJodhpur-Varanasi Marudhar Express, an official said today.

At least 149 passengers were found without valid ticketsand a total of Rs 51240 was collected as fines from thembesides 33 cases were also registered against travellerscarrying excess unbooked luggage and an amount of Rs 11874 wascollected, the official said.

A total amount of Rs 63,114 was realised as penalty.

The checking was conducted in the trains onJaipur-Phulera and Jaipur-Bandikui sections and was undertakenby the ticket checking department under the command ofDivisional Commercial manager Gaurav Gaur and RailwayMagistrate RC Gupta.

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