Not sniffing around for a big guy to catch: Ramesh

Written by: Pti
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New Delhi, Jan 18 (PTI) Under attack within andoutside the government for his aggressiveness on green issues,Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh today said he was "notsniffing around for a big guy to catch" and his actions werein response to the representations from various organisations.

"I can challenge my critics to point out one examplethat I have taken (decision) my own. Even Adarsh was inresponse to a demand from a section of society. I have nottaken single action of my own. I am not sniffing around for abig guy to catch. That is not the approach I have taken," hetold reporters here.

Admitting that there is a profound misunderstanding ofwhat triggered his action, Ramesh said, "My actions are notsuo motu actions. My actions are response to therepresentations I receive from different organisations."

Interacting with media after addressing a conferenceon ''Environmental Governance and Climate Regime'', organised bythe Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Ramesh said hispurpose "is to alleviate fears and concerns of industry thatenvironment is becoming a constraint to industrial growth".

The minister said he would also participate in afunction to be organised by the Federation of Indian Chambersof Commerce and Industry (FICCI) on January 24 to alleviateconcerns of the industry.

"I dont believe that environment is going to become aconstraint. It is important to address their concerns andfear," he said.

"Most of the problems of Indian industry are relatingto forest clearances, and most of them are really in themining sector. I am trying to address them. We will try tofind the way to address these concerns, fears, the anxietiesthe people have that environment has become a barrier tofaster industrial growth and industrial expansion," he said.

Ramesh, however, maintained that he was playingaccording the rules of the game.

Referring to the Green Laws enacted by Parliament thatempowers him to take action against the violators, theministersaid, "There is no question of diluting these laws... Noquestion of abandoning these laws. But within the framework ofthese laws, can we be more accommodative of the concerns thatthe industry have." PTI TGB

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