Cheney steers clear of Palin's US President dreams

Written by: Ani
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Washington, Jan 19(ANI): Former U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney has steered clear of questions on former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin's prospects in the 2012 Presidential run.

When asked whether he thought Palin was qualified, Cheney said that he is "not going to get into the business ... of saying this one is, this one isn't".

The former Vice President said that he would speak out at a later time on the 2012 contest.

"I'm interested in Gov. Palin like a lot of people are. I've met her, I thought she's got an interesting political career established," Politico quoted Cheney, as saying.

"She's clearly a factor in the Republican Party, has a strong following. She also has a lot of critics," he added.

It is not the first time Cheney has avoided weighing in on whether he thinks Palin could be president.

When asked last February on ABC News's "This Week" if Palin was qualified, Cheney sidestepped the question, saying that he had not "made a decision yet on whom I'm going to support for president next time around". (ANI)

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