UK moves to ban Pakistani Taliban after fresh terror threats

Written by: Pti
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London, Jan 18 (PTI) Britain today moved to banPakistan-based Tehrik-e-Taliban as a terrorist group, weeksafter intelligence reports that the outfit was planning tocarry out Mumbai-style attacks in the country and mainlandEurope.

The order moved in British Parliament will makemembership of Pakistani Taliban and raising funds for theorganisation in UK a criminal offence.

Home Secretary Theresa May introduced the order inparliament for its approval. The order will ban the PakistaniTaliban under the British Terrorism Act.

"I have laid an order which will proscribeTehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan, proscription is a tough butnecessary power to tackle terrorism and is not course ofaction we take lightly," she said.

Tehrik-e-Taliban, a Pakistani terrorist group mostclosely aligned to banned al-Qaeda, is based in northwesternpart of the country and has carried out large number ofattacks in Pakistan.

"Proscription means that membership ofTehrik-e-Taliban will become a criminal offence and theorganisation will not be able to lawfully operate in UK, orraise funds in the country," the British minister said.

The proposed order will be debated in parliament laterthis week and approved.

Forty six militant groups deemed by British governmentto be international terrorist organisations are banned underthe Terrorism Act 2000 which includes al-Qaeda.

The move comes after British security and intelligenceagencies carried out countrywide swoops to foil terror plotsin the country. Last year, Pakistani Taliban had threatened tocarry out fresh terror attacks in UK, US and Europe.

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