Iraq: Suicide bomber kills 60 police recruits

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Tikrit, Jan 18: A suicide bomber blew up his vest explosive belt in the crowd of Iraqi police recruits on Tuesday, Jan 18. The attack that took place in Tikrit, former dictator Saddam Hussein's hometown, killed atleast 60 police recruits.

The Deputy Governor of Salahuddin province Ahmed Abdul-Jabbar said, “the attack took place outside a police recruiting center where Iraqi men were lining up with their documents, hoping to get a job."

When Jabbar was asked about the suspects behind this inhuman act, he replied, "Who else would it be but al-Qaeda, who keep on slaughtering us." He also added, "they are the terrorists."

The sources said the main hospitals were overwhelmed. Mosques broadcast appeals for residents to donate blood.

A police sources said that at the time of attack over 300 people were outside the building, in which more than 30 people were transported to hospital with fatal injuries. The hospital is full of dead and injured young people and ambulance are still evacuating casualties from the incident place.

A police man said, "There were many killed and wounded. The place was full of dead and wounded guys."

Salahuddin province, home to Saddam's family, continues to suffer frequent attacks by suspected Sunni Islamist insurgents opposed to the Shi'ite-led authorities in Baghdad.

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