Dual purpose of sex dolls during floods!

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Sex dolls
Sydney, Jan 18: This was one rare floatation device that came to the rescue for a young couple in flood-hit Queensland. Who would've thought that a sex doll could lead to saving the lives of one young couple.

A 19-year-old girl and boy tried to ride on inflatable dolls in flood-swollen Yarra river in Australia but lost her latex playmate in a rough patch.

After losing the toy in turbulent water, the girl clung to a floating tree. However, rescuers later helped her out to come out from life-threatening situation.

The young people faces people's wrath for their "stupid" action as police officials stated, "Most rescue organisations would frown on people behaving in such a manner because there are people out there who are in genuine need of assistance."

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Now, the most amusing as well as shocking reaction from incident came when the stirring move by the young couple compelled authorities, who carry business on sex dolls, to issue a warning that sex toys are "not recognised floatation devices."

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