Tunisian military takes action against Ex-President's aides

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Tunis, Jan 17 (ANI): The Tunisian military has detained some of the aides of ousted President Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali, just 24 hours after he fled the country.

Military has detained Ben Ali's former security chief, Ali Seriati, and charged him with plotting against the government and inciting acts of violence.

Combat operations between the military and Ben Ali's security forces have been taking place near the former presidential palace in Tunis, and also in the country's southern parts, the New York Times reports.

The ousted President's nephew, Kais Ben Ali, has also been arrested on suspicion of "shooting at random" from police cars. Former interior minister, Rafiq Belhaj Kacem, has also been arrested in his hometown on unspecified charges.

The military action is on a chaotic situation in Tunis and also to control police groups terrorising the residents.

Protests in the country began several weeks ago following the death of 26-year-old vegetable and fruit vendor Mohamed Bouazizi. He set himself on fire in a city square in December when police seized his cart and mistreated him.

Ali fled the country after being in office for over 23 years, Prime Minister Mohamed Ghannouchi announced he was taking over as interim President, and promised fresh elections within six months. (ANI)

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