Retired NYPD cop makes his living as a teen spy!

Written by: Ani
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New York, Jan 17 (ANI): A retired NYPD cop has found a new way to keep an eye on people's misdeeds and earn daily wages at the same time.

Andy Spieler dubbed the "Columbo for Kids" is making a career out of snooping on wayward teens and delivering dossiers on their misdeeds to worried parents.

Spieler, who retired from the NYPD in 2002 after a 20-year-career and lives in East Meadow, L.I, started doing surveillance on teens about a year ago at the behest of a worried mom.

Word spread about his specialty and business started booming, even with a 75 dollars hourly rate.

"There are a lot of anxious parents out there who suspect their kids aren't telling them the truth," the New York Daily News quoted Spieler, a licensed private investigator, as saying.

"They can't follow their kids because they'll be recognized, so I hit the streets for them," Spieler added.

Spieler's sleuthing specialty has earned him colorful nicknames from fellow private eyes, including "Pubescent Pinkerton," and "Teenybopper Bond." (ANI)

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