PMO-NAC exchange of views on food security positive : Cong

Written by: Pti
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New Delhi, Jan 15 (PTI) Dismissing suggestions thatthere are differences between Sonia Gandhi-led NAC and PMOover the issue of food security, Congress today said theexchange of views between the two must be seen constructively.

"Right to Food is most comprehensive and revolutionarystep contemplated in Indian history and if detailed discussionand exchange of views are happening between NAC and PMO sothat a proper law is enacted, it should be taken positively,"party spokesperson Manish Tewari told reporters here.

He said this was an initiative that required thoroughdiscussion and all points needed to be discussed at length.

He said that the exchange of views between thegovernment and NAC should be seen like serious people tryingto arrive at the best decision through serious deliberations.

A senior party leader, speaking on the condition ofanonymity, said that the stands taken by both the NAC and thePMO are correct in their own places since while NAC "willnatuarlly take a maximal position as members of the body arethinkers in social format", "the government has to see aspectsthat are implementable."

He said that the cautious approach by the governmentcannot be faulted as once it becomes law, even partialnon-implementation of the provisions will be open to strictscrutiny.

In the wake of the PM''s experts committee not agreeingto widen the ambit of the proposed Food Security Bill assuggested by NAC, BJP spokesperson Rajiv Pratap Rudy hadyesterday accused the government of trying to mislead peoplewith one panel appointed by it stone-walling another.

Tewari, meanwhile, attacked Mayawati over the rapecase in Banda where a backward caste girl was allegedly rapedby a BSP MLA and was also put behind bars in a theft case.

The Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister has ordered therelease of the jailed girl and said action would be takenagainst policemen involved in harassing the minor who wascharged with theft apparently as part of a "conspiracy".

The Congress spokesperson said that the "tragicincident pointed out that law and order in Uttar Pradesh wasabsolutely in a shambles."

Attacking BSP over the issue, he said, "It also showedhow a party, which claimed to be progressive and came to poweron the agenda of social change, how quickly it turned into afeudal party after coming to power." PTI AMR

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