National Spot Exchange launches e-Zinc contracts

Written by: Pti
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Mumbai, Jan 14 (PTI) National Spot Exchange (NSEL), thepan-India electronic spot market for commodities, today saidit has launched e-Zinc contracts under its e-series products.

The launch of e-Zinc will now enable retail investorsput their small savings into Zinc, even in denominations assmall as 1 kg. The settlement will be on T+2 basis, just likeother e-series contracts of NSEL, the exchange release saidhere.

NSEL''s e-series products, which are commodity investmentproducts in demat form, were introduced in 2010 to meet thegrowing demand of retail investors.

"NSEL''s e-series products are creating a niche marketfor investment products in the commodities sector. On accountof their suitability in catering to investors'' appetite, theyhave been extremely successful. Now with the launch of e-Zinc,retail investors and HNIs can add another base metal to theirinvestment portfolio," NSEL''s MD and CEO, Anjani Sinha said.

Given the huge success of the existing e-series products,we plan to continuously add more commodities under thee-Series umbrella this year, Sinha said. .

In 2010, e-series products have outperformed many other investment products, yielding better returns thanequities and ETFs. While equities, as a measure of NIFTY, gavereturns of only 17.30 per cent, Gold ETFs gave around 21-22per cent. In comparison, e-Gold, which was launched on March17, 2010, has given a return of more than 21 per cent over aperiod of 10 months and e-Silver more than 62 per cent in 9months.

Launched in November 2010, e-Copper has also not laggedbehind, giving a return of 22 per cent in just 3 months. Onecan, thus, expect e-Zinc to also yield similar returns forinvestors, Sinha said.

Transparent pricing, seamless trading and zero holdingcost make e-Series products very attractive to investors.

Moreover, e-Series products are offered to retail investors atthe same price across the country with the option of physicaldelivery, which have resulted in e-Gold, e-Silver and e-Copperbecoming benchmark (in pricing) for the physical commodity,Sinha said.

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