India and World Bank agree to advance green growth agenda

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New Delhi, Jan 13 (PTI) India and the World Bank todayagreed to further strengthen their partnership to advanceIndia''s green-growth agenda.

During their meeting, Environment Minister JairamRamesh and World Bank President Robert B Zoellick discussedthe Government''s vision for a strong and sustainabledevelopment agenda.

"The partnership between the World Bank and theGovernment of India will support programs that help Indiamaintain high growth as a primary objective, while also eitherbuilding climate resilience or promoting clean energysolutions, consistent with India''s 11th Five Year Plan," saida World Bank release here.

This includes projects that build fuel-efficienttransport infrastructure, clean energy hydropower plants,efficient water supply and wastewater systems, as well asprogrammes that help farmers, fishing communities and peoplein other vulnerable communities safeguard their livelihoodsagainst the vagaries of a changing climate, it said.

The government is clear about the need to reflect andfactor in ecological concerns into the growth process so thatits benefits can be achieved without critically straining theenvironment, Ramesh said after his meeting with the World Bankchief.

"Our projects supported by the World Bank specificallyaddress our most compelling environmental concerns, includingriver cleaning and conserving our biodiversity. We are alsoworking at strengthening our environmental regulators as aprobable area of future engagement," he said.

The Government is focusing efforts on applyingrigorous environmental safeguards for infrastructure projects,strengthening the environmental governance system,revitalizing regulatory institutions, investing in air andwater quality improvements and addressing the challenge ofclimate change on an ongoing basis, he said.

Applauding the Government''s efforts, Zoellick said,India is working to integrate its growth objectives and needto overcome poverty with the sustainability of naturalresources and the well-being of future generations.

"The Government is striving to avoid actions that willadd to costs today and tomorrow for health, clean water, cleanair and preservation of valuable biodiversity. The World BankGroup is pleased to share its experience to support India''sinclusive and sustainable development," he said. (MORE) TGB DP

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