Bali facing environmental problems from rapid tourism

Written by: Pti
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Bali (Indonesia) Jan 14 (Antara) Bali is facingcomplicated environmental problems as a result of rapiddevelopment of its tourism sector during the past few years,an observer has said.

Among the environmental problems were water pollution anda decrease in the quality of natural resources and theDenpasar city''s environment, Chief of Guide Study at HinduDharma Negeri Institute (IHDN) I Ketut Sumadi said yesterday.

Infrastructure and supporting public facilities were alsobeing damaged gradually due to rapid development of thetourism sector in Bali, he said.

The negative impact of tourism development could also beseen in the increasing number of forest areas being turnedinto s tourist spots, he said, adding apart from disturbingthe ecosystem this had the potential of triggering naturaldisasters such as floods and landslides.

Ketut blamed the local government for allowing rapidtourism development in Bali during the last three decadeswhich according to him had caused the province''s environmentto deteriorate.

The development had disturbed the existence of holyplaces and beaches in Bali which were meant for sacredceremonies and places to purify Balinese during Hindu holydays, he added. (Antara)

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