After Snuggie, now it's time for the Forever Lazy suit

Written by: Ani
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New York, Jan 14 (ANI): Want to feel blanket like comfort and coziness? Try on wearing the one-piece, zip-up outfit- Forever Lazy suit.

It's like a fleece baby onsie - for adults.

The hooded suit, which makes its wearers look like an Easter bunny, costs 19.95 dollars and comes in sizes small to XXL, reports the New York Daily News.

Touted as the latest trend in "lazywear", the outfit can be worn both indoors as outdoors.

The "Forever Lazy" fleece suit has "zippered hatches" for when "duty calls."

The suit could be the 2011 answer to Pajama Jeans - the stretchy no-button jeans which also claimed "blanket-like" softness for "relaxing."

According to the sources, two friends from Wisconsin invented the goofy suits.

Hibler and Galganski told that as of December, they have sold more than 10,000 of the pajamas.

Snuggie, the blanket-with-sleeves, has banked over 20 million dollars over the last two years. (ANI)

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