Thanks to bacteria, Titanic 'will be reduced to a rust stain in a few years'

Written by: Ani
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London, Jan 13 (ANI): Scientists have revealed that bacteria are eating away at the once magnificent Titanic, which sits at the bottom of the ocean now.

Rust-eating bacteria called Halomonas titanicae will reduce the massive ship to a huge "rust stain", they said.

"I think Titanic has maybe 15 or 20 years left," the Daily Express quoted researcher Dr Henrietta Mann, from Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada, as saying.

Ed Coghlan, chairman of the Irish Titanic Historical Society, said, "It may be that as the structure disappears, more of the interior becomes accessible."

Titanic was first located 329 miles off Newfoundland in 1985. She hit an iceberg on her maiden voyage in 1912. (ANI)

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