New 'Headphone Hoodie' lets you play music from your hoodie!

Written by: Biswajeet Panda
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Wellington, Jan 12 (ANI): A new sports garment called Headphone Hoodie incorporates earbuds directly into the drawstrings of your sweatshirt hood.

Creators Russell Athletic said said the earbud cable had been incorporated directly into the jacket, which runs through the inside to a 3.5mm input jack that can connect to a range of MP3 devices.

It tracks the wearer's arm movements, beams them to a computer, which interprets the actions into musical notes, reports

The technology is similar to that implemented by Nike, which has been offering the iPod Sport Kit to joggers for a number of years.

The kit comprises a sensor which is embedded into the sole of a purpose-built Nike shoe, and a receiver that plugs into the base of the iPod Nano that allows users to track their performance from the iPod through audio feedback.

"This technology could eventually lead to wearable 'smart clothes' that can power hand-held electronics through ordinary body movements," said Liwei Lin, UC Berkeley professor of mechanical engineering. (ANI)

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