Oz considering banning electronic tickets, automatic baggage check-ins over security reasons

Written by: Manoj Kumar Ramesh
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Melbourne, Jan 9 (ANI): In a latest move on the crackdown of the airport security, Australia could soon ban electronic tickets and automatic baggage check-ins, and bar non-passengers from entering terminals.

According to news.com.au, a rough design of the strict new security measures is being thrashed out by federal authorities worried about the ease with which criminal gangs and drug smugglers move through airports undetected.

The changes that are being considered for domestic airports are compulsory passenger identity and even national ID card checks.

Australian Police told a federal parliamentary committee that drug-runners are exploiting lax airport security, using fake IDs to buy air tickets and smuggle drugs from Sydney to Melbourne. They also believe that criminals are escaping arrests because airlines do not conduct compulsory identification checks.

Committee chairman Senator Steve Hutchins said there is concern over the growth of e-ticketing and the lack of scrutiny once tickets were issued.

"We were surprised at the rapid development of this innovation in air travel and the misuse of it by organised crime figures," Senator Hutchins added.

Electronic check-in machines allow passengers to bypass scrutiny as it is possible to check in from a computer or smartphone by printing boarding pass and checking-in baggages without being asked for official identification.

The Australian Federal Police Association is critical of electronic check-in and recommends the Federal Government close this security loophole immediately. (ANI)

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