What led to Aseemanand's explosive confessions?

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Swami Aseemanand
New Delhi, Jan 8: So what led to Swami Aseemanand coming out with the inside secrets of the saffron terror. If you thought that it was coaxing by investigative authorities, you are completely wrong here. The reason for the revealtion is a jailed prisoner Kaleem.

Aseemanand who is apparently housed in the Chanchalguda prison befriended Kaleem who was arrested for his involvement in the Mecca Masjid blast case. He was fabricated in the case after widespread assumption that Islamic terrorists were behind the blasts. But the latest Aseemanand statements reveal that Hindu extremists were behind the blasts.

Kaleem's wrongful arrest had touched the heart of Aseemanand and he was under a lot of plight for the same. This was when he considered "atonement" so that innocent people are not victimised because of him.

Before he came out with his explosive revelations, he had remarked to the magistrate that it was because of Kaleem that he was coming out with the confessions. Kaleem was a co-prisoner with Aseemanand. Kaleem apparetly took great effort to take care of the accused Aseemanand.

Kaleem a mobile phone seller and had spent one a half years in prison for a crime he was not involved in. Kaleem's efforts to take care of the Swami led to heart melt and the Swami confessed, "real culprits can be punished and no innocent has to suffer".

Aseemanand also added, "During my interaction with Kaleem, I learnt that he was previously arrested in the Mecca Masjid bomb blast case and he had to spend about one-and-a-half years in prison. During my stay in jail, Kaleem helped me a lot and used to serve me by bringing water, food etc for me. I was very moved by Kaleem's good conduct and my conscience asked me to do prayaschit (penance) by making confessional statement."

This leads us to think whether the Swami was not moved by the hundreds that died in a bomb blast and that a Kaleem had to arrive in the Swami's life to enlighten him about the "plight of innocents".

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