Cat flees after stealing more than 60 shoes from Kiwi neighbours!

Written by: Nairita Das
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Melbourne, Jan 8 (ANI): A two-year-old cat Gus robbed more than 60 pieces of footwear from unsuspecting residents of his New Zealand neighbourhood.

Gus the cat has so far brought more than 60 pairs of shoes from his neighbourhood, reports The Daily Telegraph.

Meredith Kelly, Gus' owner, said that initially she was innocent and brought back bark chips, leaves, even newspapers but since last six months he started bringing bigger items like clothing, and some "interesting" items of underwear.

Recently his interest shifted to footwear and he started bringing shoes from nearby places. He even goes back to the scene of crime to bring the matching shoe.

He brings all sort of footwear and his owner said: "At first I thought it was a bit funny, then a bit weird, now it has gone too far."

Gus, who has brought home everything from hiking boots to sandals and children's shoes, usually announces his ill-gotten trophies with a loud morning meow.

"He either leaves the things in the hallway or, if they're too big to get through the cat-flap, on the step," Kelly said.

Kelly has tried to find the shoes' owners, even leaving them in a box outside her home, but no one has come claiming them so far. (ANI)

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