'What if Princess Di had lived?'

Written by: Anita Nair
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London, Jan 6 (ANI): A new book by author Monica Ali could possibly kick up a hornet's nest by asking the question "What if Princess Diana were still alive?"

The book titled 'Untold Story' is a fictional tale inspired by Diana's life and will be published in March.

Ali insisted that the book will not hurt the sentiments of anybody, especially Princes William or Harry in the run-up to the wedding, even though its central theme is what would have happened if Diana had not perished in a Paris car crash.

"Over the years I've sometimes found myself wondering how she would have matured into her forties and beyond," the Daily Express quoted her as saying.

"The question I am asking in the novel is, had she lived, would she have eventually found peace and happiness in her personal life or would the curse of fame have always been too great?"

The book, in all probability, will be made into a movie.

"Although my novel is certainly inspired by Diana's situation, of course my princess is fictional and I hope she's a sympathetic figure as well. I don't think it will cause hurt," she said.

Officials inside the Royal household said it was not their role to interfere with artistic freedom. (ANI)

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