Arkansas: Its raining dead birds in Bebee

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Red Winged Black Bird
Arkansas, Jan 4: The flood of dead red-winged blackbirds, that fell out of the skies on the New Year Eve over Beebe state had terrified the residents. Beebe is known as a congregating spot for blackbirds.

The cause remained undetermined but the preliminary lab reports from Arkansas Livestock and Poultry Commission revealed "acute physical trauma" in samples of the dead birds.

The actually worry was, birds were an indicator of a toxic agents, because the cause behind the bird deaths remained unknown, the people's imaginations are running wild.

The recent count revealed that at-least 5000 dead blackbirds fell on the city on the New Year Eve.

State scientist believed that one thing for sure that the bird deaths is not related with the death of 85000 fish, that died a few days before near Ozark, in the western part of the state, it is the biggest fish kill in Arkansas till date.

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