Starving North Korea's heir-apparent building 100mn pounds luxury villa

Written by: Nairita Das
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London, Jan 2 (ANI): Kim Jong-un, North Korea's designated future leader, is building luxury offices and homes for himself worth over 100 million pounds while a huge number of population in the country is starving.

North Korea's ruling family has long been known to live in considerable luxury, unlike the vast majority of the population it rules over.

According to The Telegraph, House 15 in Pyongyang's central district, where Kim Jong-un grew up, has been rebuilt from the foundations to standards of luxury deemed to suit his new role.

Earlier, the building had a house of Kim Jong-un's mother, Ko Young Hee, who is thought to have died of breast cancer in 2004. House 16, next door, houses Kim Jong-il. Both houses are thought to be connected to offices through an underground tunnel.

According to South Korean intelligence sources, Kim Jong-un is also the likely inhabitant of a new villa that has been built in North Hamgyong province, famous for its hot springs and spas. Local residents were alleged to have been press-ganged into work on a railway line and road that will ease access to the villa.

They also believe that Kim family's assets include at least 33 villas scattered across North Korea's countryside. It is alleged that 28 of these are connected by railway stations maintained exclusively for the ruling family's use. (ANI)

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