India beefs-up security for 'New Year' celebration

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New Delhi, Dec 29: The govt of India tightened security across the country, based on intelligence reports. The latest warning reports from intelligence said that the same mastermind behind the 2008, Mumbai terror attacks, has sent more militants to India.

According to sources this militants are from Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) and had planned attacks on New Year celebration.

In 2008, 10 harmed terrorist, alleged from Pakistan militants group, entered Mumbai and fired randomly and killed 166 people. Since then India has lived under the threat of the attacks from the terrorist.

Post this terrified attack in Mumbai, people are feared of, large public gathering, festivals and holiday celebrations. Public was under threat, that similar kind of attack might happen again on the streets.

Since then the security was beefed-up for every single events that happens in India. The Common Wealth Games that happened on Oct, 2010, was under threat. Last week Christmas Celebration was feared of attack in Mumbai.

The terror attack even did not spare the New Year celebration. The terror alert have implemented across the country. The security have boasted-up in major cities, including, Delhi, Mumbai and Goa, a famous tourist spot, in India.

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