Andhra CM going the Yeddyurappa way?

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Kiran Kumar Reddy
Bangalore, Dec 29: The Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister, Kiran Kumar Reddy is a worried man and wants to sell some of his land in Bangalore. He is in the city for the purpose and wants to dispose his 4 acres and 24 guntas at KR Puram.

After his Karnataka counterpart, BS Yeddyurappa has been submerged in land scams and other accusations, Reddy wants to play it safe and avoid prying media eyes. He also wants to make sure he steers clear of any controversy and is currently taking a breather after the Telengana and fasting spells in his tenure.

Kiran Kumar Reddy owns agricultural lands in Kodigehalli. The land up for sale was purchased much before his chief-ministership The land has controversy written all over it as the property is disputed and reports of earlier transactions being fraudulent has cropped up. The property is an Inam land belonging to a Scheduled Caste family and laws are strict about such property transactions.

The current occupants of the land, retired ITI employee H Venkatesha and family cultivated various cereals there till August. They realised one fine day that a compound wall had come up and security installed there 24/7. Venkatesha who is fighting litigation to claim ownership of the land now faces a powerful opposition in the form of none other than the Andhra Pradesh CM.

Venkatesh had inherited the property from his forefathers in 1983 who was given the land under the Inam Abolition Act by the state government. Inam lands are given to the SC/ST class who are involved in menial jobs. The land could not be engaged and was in a lock-in for 15 years that meant that it could not be sold or alienated till 1998.

Andhra CM has found himself walking into the eye of the controversy with the apparent "illegal transaction". The plot was split in 5 and deeds made accordingly on a cost of Rs 30 lakh. With land appreciation sky-rocketing, the CM's men have spread the word in and around KR Puram that the CM's land is on sale. The land is valued at Rs 2 crore per acre currently.

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