Santa Claus on US radar this X'mas eve

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Santa Claus
Washington, Dec 24: The United States is in its customary snoopy best, is not letting go of Santa Claus either this Christmas season. The US air force is planning to follow Santa Claus when he disperses gifts and good cheer this X'Mas season.

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The US Air Force will follow Santa's journey around the world starting Friday, Dec 24 at 0700 GMT right from the North Pole, across Russia, down through the South Pacific, and then westward across the globe, an Air Force spokesman told DPA.

Santa will have a new fan following along with his trademark sleigh and reindeer. The tradition of tracking began way back in 1955 after an ad intended to welcome callers to the Sears Roebuck store in Denver, Colorado, had a typo error and misprinted the telephone number. The misprinted number turned out to be the hotline for the US air defence, located in Colorado.

Lasy years tracking is posted in the website by NORAD, operated by the North American Aerospace Defence Command. The animation shows Santa speeding across the Kremlin, the Taj Mahal, the Eiffel Tower and the Tower of London before reaching the Empire State Building in New York City. The website also has language options including German, Spanish, French, Italian, etc...

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According to folklore, Santa travels far and wide on Christmas Eve distributing X'mas gifts to children, so that Kids can get their presents on Christmas day morning. Colonel Harry Shoup, Director of operations, said that children were given updates on the wherabouts of Santa.The internet provides a live and updated tracking almost instantly.

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