Chinese govt debuts 'official' search engine Goso

Written by: Abdul Nisar
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Goso search engine
Beijing, Dec 21: In a move to tackle the Google search engine, Chinese government has launched a 'made in China' search engine known as '' It is owned by The People's Daily, the mouthpiece of China's ruling Communist Party.

The new search engine aims to control the flow of information and to control the web media. The Chinese government official media identifies the growing trend of blog news as a threat to the Communist values of the country and launched the new search engine.

" aims to become the most influential search engine platform," said The People's Daily on its website. Goso has been launched after six months of trial operations.

" is a vertical search engine product that integrates news, news forums, pictures, blogs, videos and micro blogs," officials behind the search engine said.

In China, media is strictly controlled by the Chinese government. Earlier, Beijing asked the search engine giant Google to block certain contents, which appeared against the Communist government and its policies.

Later, Google reduced its Chinese service following a row with Chinese government. This lead to the rise of another local search engine, which enjoys 76 percent of search engine market share.

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