S Korea & N Korea at brink of war, alarms UNSC

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South Korea
Seoul, Dec 20: After knowing that South Korea has planned to began an artillery drill on the border islands, as a response for North Koreas gun attack. The United Nations Security Council gathered for an emergency talks to decrease the tension between Koreans. But the talks ended without any agreement.

North Korea on Nov 23 attacked Yeonpyeong island which killed four people, including two civilians. On Mar 26, North Korean's shells sank South Korean's warship by killing 46 sailors.

South Korea on Monday, Dec 20, told everyone in Yeonpyeong and adjacent islands to get into air-attack shelters. Knowing this, North Korea has warned, if South Korea executes the artillery attack plan then it should be ready to face a catastrophic effects.

Russian UN envoy Vitaly Churkin came out from hours of discussion and told reporters, “Security Council cannot agree on a statement from two Koreans to exercises extreme restraint."

The US ambassador at the UN Susan Rice said, “ most Security Council members wanted a strong condemnation of N Korea's two attacks on the South this year (2010). Several nations presumably including China, North Korea's closest ally would not agree."

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