US breaks silence on Pakistan based terrorism

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Washington, Dec 17: United States seemed to break its silence on the role of Pakistan in handling terrorism in its soil as states secretary Hillary Clinton hinted that like other countries US also worried and focused on the Pakistan based al-Qaeda.

"We remain relentlessly focused on Pakistan-based al-Qaeda because of the strategic nature of the threat they pose and, in particular, the group's continued pursuit of large-scale attacks against the West and its influence on global terrorism," stated Clinton on Dec 17.

Stating about the country's possible measure against the Pakistan based terrorism, Clinton assured, "Our posture and efforts to counter these threats will continue unabated."

On the other side, US under secretary of defence for policy, Michele Flournoy said, "Pakistan is central to our efforts to defeat al-Qaeda and prevent its regeneration in the region."

"Sanctuary is a strategic advantage for the Taliban, for al-Qaeda, for this syndicate of groups, and we do have to work together with the Pakistanis to diminish that over time," added Flournoy.

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