Now, you can direct a movie while watching it!

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Washington, Dec 14 (ANI): It may now be possible for you to direct a movie while watching it, thanks to a new technology developed by Tel Aviv University researchers.

Nitzan Ben Shaul of Tel Aviv University's Department of Film and Television has made a new format, which uses complicated video coding procedures that provides smooth interaction and transition between scenes as audience watch-and determine the plot of-Turbulence, a 1997 action thriller.

"The film gives people the suspense and thrill of multiple outcomes like those of the films Sliding Doors or Run Lola Run, but it also gives them the power to really choose and influence at a number of key points how the plot of the movie will proceed," said Shaul.

Curious viewers can backtrack, too as they can go back to a narrative crossroads to see what might have been, never seeing the same ending twice.

Using Shaul's innovative format, the viewer watches the film on a regular or a touch-screen monitor, and an iridescent glow appears on certain "action items" at pivotal plot moments.

The viewer can choose whether or not to interact and it he wants to, he can click or touch the screen to activate the cell phone held by the actor.

The viewer can also decide the end of the movie.

"Sliding Doors and Run Lola Run inspired me. They make you think about options in life, but they don't let you experience what responsibility feels like at crucial decision points. In our film you decide where the character should go, and you can decide to return to the point where the plot flipped. It's gripping," added Shaul. (ANI)

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